• I like these, but I think the visuals could be improved greatly with smaller (or removed) bumpers and larger diameter wheels. Looking at the car from the side as it is above gives me thoughts of those old diecast cars where the design was pretty accurate, but something was a little off with the scale. Like they got the body right, but to save cost they used wheels and tires from a smaller model.

    Swap the 13" or 14" Rostyle wheels for some 15" or 16" variations and it would change the attitude. Not sure if you can get Rostyles that size, but you can get similar looking Magnum 500s easily for cheap. That would make it look more like a Ford too.

    Other than that, not a bad car or a bad price, but I'd be very wary of hidden rust. The rattle-can coating in the trunk is poorly covering what's clearly a rusty floor. There's probably a lot hiding in other areas. Drive it for a while and send it on to the next guy. Restoring this car would be an expensive exercise in stupidity.

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