• I have come to the very insightful and highly researched conclusion that the price of every interesting older car is going up.

  • Indeed Sean, just like my interest in them. When I first discovered DT, I swear I saw one of these posted every other day it seemed. It has been a while though.

    • If you take off the badges and forget everything you know, it is a very exotic shaped car. Terrific lines.
      I feel the same about Karmann Ghias. We are told it is an inexpensive VW but the design is as good as some of the great classics.

  • Immortalized by Disney as a "Car" the 1800 cuts a profile that is pure 60s euro cool. A pair of Wayfarers could always be found in mine's cubby. Finn McMissile was the perfect character and Michael Caine was the spot-on choice for the voiceover. The motor was perfectly adequate for its GT-centric chassis and the interior transports you to a different time and place every time you shut the Wells Fargo vault of a door. The curved bull horn bumpers dress up the ends with some stylistic flair but the straights on a slightly lowered car look just right. I cannot see how these don't rise in value in the near future…and I miss mine already.

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