• Although it's practically in my neighbors yard, I'm not too sure this will fly in SoFla at that price. The starlet cool factor it has in spades, and the build attests to his ability and taste. It's just that miami is saturated in its tendency toward the new and pretty, as opposed to the capable and remarkable. The ask on this is, like, the down payment and the first 4 months on a brand new IS350, which will look more fly pulling up to da club. Don't get me wrong, there is a strong car culture in Miami, but this just seems a little steep for someone else's project in this town. It will get sold though, no doubt.

    Plus, the Montell Jordan throwback title post brought me waaaay back to college daze so…thanks.

  • Hey that is a lot of dreamy Starlet goodness for under 10grand. I think the price was fair before, now its a damn good deal. Some really good mods included on this car and it has to be a total riot to drive like a maniac. Wish I had the loot to scoop this one up! I'd dial it in with autox's and around town then enjoy some time at Watkins Glen a few events a year, woohoo!

  • There's a vast amount of money in that car.

    I'm fairly confident, though, when you look at the suspension spec and etc. that it'd be a noisy and rough little bugger on the street, so set your expectations accordingly.

  • Sweet!

    Two thoughts come to mind:

    1) Satisfying – What is more satisfying than executing a great build and then selling for a decent price to someone who will love it? What a great feeling this owner will have when the right buyer picks this beauty up.

    2) What's Next? – I'm guessing this owner has another sweet ride or project in his garage. I bet it is inspiring.

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