• Not a bad price for a 99 with the IMS done. Cable throttle is an under appreciated and lamented loss from later year 996. That looks like ocean blue or similar under the wrap, which looks classy with sand beige interior.

  • Take that wrap off and it gets 1000% classier. I can't really convey in a comment how great the '99 996's are to drive. They are the lightest, simplest and purest of the generation (the cable throttle does feel different). I had the choice to buy a 996 or an MR2 Turbo for the same price, and went for the 996. As an investment, it looks like the Turbo may win out in the end, but it isn't half the car of a 996 to drive.

  • I have a couple of air cooled 911s – an early 70s and a mid 80s 3.2 and honestly I don’t know why people still talk about the purity naysayer thing. The air cooled cars up to the 964 (which I can’t comment on) to the water cooled cars are just completely different animals.

    There is an addiction to the early air cooled cars, in that however you drive them, you always feel that you could have made that gear change better, got better balance out of that last corner (or should have braked more going into that corner you only just made it out alive from). There always seems to be something more that it has in store for you to master.

    The 996 ushered in a 911 for everyone in my opinion. It’s docile and easy enough to drive every day, but if you want to ‘get on it’ it has it in spades. They are a fantastic ride, that you can daily drive without the crap that comes with other high end sports cars. Fairly easy to get in and out of, fairly reliable – very in sports car circles, can go shopping (kind of) in one, drive it to a party, a track day or just to the work parking lot.

    As much as I love my air cooled cars, I couldn’t drive them every day. Maybe I’m just old, but doing 2hrs driving most week days would just be too much of a workout. You could in this car.

    This will be a great car for someone. I wouldn’t mind it myself. It isn’t an air cooled car, and frankly in a lot of ways, it’s so much better for it! Okay, on the downside, it’s not going to have the same rubber neck effect as say an Aston Martin Vantage, but then it’s half the price of a used one of those, and arguably a better car.

    If you want a half way house, buy an early Boxster and take it on a track day or AutoX. Mine didn’t make sense till I did.
    Very underrated drivers car, like the Miata was for years, except a bit more on the upkeep.
    Never going to win a drag race, but the race to put a grin on your face and have some car control fun it’s super rewarding AND you can then drive home in comfort!

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