• Oh my gosh! My big brain says this thing will kill me. My little brain keeps twitching…..

    Still just about the prettiest supercar ever.

  • On one hand, an aluminum-head 460 probably doesn't weigh any more than the stock all-iron 351C.

    On the other, guys are getting vast HP out of the 400ci Clevelands in Pantera applications these days.

  • All this car does is remind me how creaky my bones are these days. The last Pantera concert I went to was 30 years ago and now I'm too old to go to another. Thanks a lot for reminding me.


    • +1. I always liked the Cowboys From Hell album. And yes, I said album…I have it on vinyl. And I listen to it on a turntable! But I'm not one of these hipster lame-os that bought it that way because "it sounds better".

  • If it is good enough for the king to drive (and shoot with a 38)
    [img] i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s—KgnkSIS–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18n2nepm9v0v0jpg.jpg[/img]

  • Nice car, but what is it doing here? I recall something about "the internet's best… for less than $20K". I've always been terrible at math, but I think 75 is more than 20. All I'm saying is stay on point.

    • Anonymous, you have a point about staying on point. But my vote would be that the $20K rule should be chucked out that window at random and with no other purpose other than to free all of us from it. This Pantera is a good example of what I'd consider a "Rich Man's Toy" and I'm not particularly interested in it. But I just do what a lot of folks do – just skip it. But I'd rather see this sort of thing pop up occasionally than be rigid with the parameters. Life is too short to worry about such things.

    • In fact, I vote for getting rid of the "…on the road for less than $20K." part of the tagline entirely. Who is with me!?!

    • Rumor is, he did get the ghijak while he was there, but the doc prescribed some penicillin and now the rash is gone.

    • You just made my head hurt. I don't understand Klingon but I get the drift…cold…revenge…yeah, I had to look it up.

    • Trekkie nerds. I don't usually resort to calling people names but it's fully warranted here. Plus, I don't think you guys would see it as an insult…

      I'm more of a Browncoat, myself. Rocks and glass houses, you say?

  • This is just across the GGB from me.
    Happy to do a PPI & test drive for ANYONE with even a passing interest in this beautiful beast.

  • These look sooo cool in pictures, but are sooo disappointing when you see them in person. I mean, they even have worse fit and finish than a C3 Corvette (yes, that's actually possible).

  • Yes, these cars will kill you, if you're not careful. One of them killed hockey legend and posthumous Canadian donut-shop king, Tim Horton.

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