• The nose even looks slammed from the engine! Love it, don't care about perfect balance messed up. It has to be so fun to drive.

  • M62 V8 weighs 200kg fully dressed, not exactly piggy. Brake booster arrangement looks like E34 V8.

    Yeah, Mazda FD Turbo calipers and early Corrado G60 rotors as I recall.

  • I once had both a brilliantrot '91 E30 (325is) and a '97 540i/6 that shared garage space for awhile. Maybe things weren't as quiet in that garage at night as I though. This sure looks like it could be their kid.

  • This has to leave a shit stain in the drivers pants and a huge grin across their face. What a riot! Happy driving to the new owner, hope its easy to tame, sticky tires at all times for sure.

    • Yeah, M62s go out of the pick-n-pulls for a couple hundred bucks, and if you're stupid lucky you find a 6-speed E39 and go home with the whole damn powertrain on a half-price day for under $500 with ECU and wiring then go home and get stupid drunk at your good fortune (since you never got to climb on top of Kate Upton, this will have to do.)

      For us Californians the whole 'custom exhaust' thing means 'no fornicating way' but we're glad to see someone doing something…

    • By the way, this weekend is half-price. Have a complete E30 rear suspension sitting in the driveway for the Lemons car.

    • Check the mileage on that M62/M62TU, at 175K they need cam chain guides (and ideally cam chain, and some other gaskets and seals). Easy with the engine out, a little more work with the engine in.

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