• Nicely tweaked w/ factory 3stage intake & aftermarket tune & exhaust. I wish that BMW had brought over the 135 hatchback now that the wagon offerings are so porky & loaded with options that can't be deleted in the USA ie glass roof. Bmw needs a return to allow a basic configuration and reel in the marketing dept from making their product unattractive to their past fan base.

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  • I'll never understand many things in this life—Gravitational waves, cat lovers, and people who order late model BMW's with manual transmissions and no sport package are at the top of the list though.

    • @FTB – maybe they just live somewhere where potholes are a daily reality, and a slightly higher profile tire, with slightly softer springs make a lot of sense. I would choose this spec (oh gawd, maybe I am just getting OLD!)

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  • On one hand, RWD manual wagon from back when BMWs still looked decent. On the other, 12-ish year old German car reliability. This would probably be a fine 2nd or 3rd car that you put 5-10k miles/yr on.

  • On a more pertinent point my significant other has an 07 328 wagon with the dreaded slushbox. I have often wondered whether I could find a manual, as unlike many I see driving a slushbox as being damaging to your manhood. That and having little hands. I like the smaller size of the E 91's, now if I could just find a waaay more reasonably priced manual……..

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