• Mercedes would be wise to pay owners of fin tails to never park next to their new Hyundai – I mean CLA. These finitails just ooze cool, unlike current Mercs

  • I was stationed in Germany in 1972 almost bought one of these but it had the Manual 4 speed on the floor a buddy bought it and i road in few times great Autobahn car i think the price was only 1K but i think i was making like $230.00 bucks a month still regret not buying that car it was white with a sunroof..

  • Wow, I can't imagine this auction closing anywhere near the current bid. Too bad about the automatic, but otherwise the car is a cool as they come. Plus, I love original cars (at least that is the claim on this one).

  • It's a 230 (as advertised), not a 230S, which would have the longer fenders, quad headlights, chrome trim on upper edges of fins, and uprated motor… as well as an "S" on the trunk badge.

    Still love the car and the color, although I'd look closer at the rockers, rear quarters and trunk spare well for rot, as these are known to experience (and distant photos seem to reveal). Interesting how there's only closeups of the floorpans.

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