• Considering something just like this for a track day tow vehicle. Handy (and safer) to have the cargo space covered but not so nice that you can't throw tires back there. Wonder what it will sell for?

  • Had one of those, they're quite tough. Since the design dates to the early '70s, there's a bunch of '70s-isms in the controls and build. Not necessarily good.

    Mine was 2WD and the steering was 1970 Buick pinky-finger, couldn't stand it, so I sent the steering box off to Lee Mfg in SoCal for a rebuild and a heavier spool valve torsion bar.

    The baby-quad headlights are awful. GM sold these things in places where US-spec headlights were not acceptable, and had Bosch do up an H4-bulb light for them. I had a set of these, and they were a vast improvement, but good luck finding them now. Converting to one of the other grille designs that accepts a more conventional headlight also requires changing the radiator support, so probably not practical.

    Trivia: the seats use the same Recaro vernier-knob backrest adjuster as did my '70s and '80s Saabs.

  • I've got an 86 gmc burban, 3/4ton, except mine is 2wd with a 454. Picked it up for cheap and it's been getting my triplets around for 2 years now. Shes not real fond of cold mornings, but it's a 28 year old truck that will carry 9 people, keep up with modern traffic and has never let me down. Once it's warmed up, then again when it's -12 I'm not too quick to get moving either. And the 2wd has way better steering than 4wds. Also true for 90s chevys, not sure about the newer ones as I've only driven 4wds, and the road feel sucks. Oh but back to the suburban, 7 mpg sucks. This one with the little motor probably does better, it's also fuel injected and maybe even a 4 speed auto. Pretty fancy.

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