• Oh God, that's magnificent.

    The Sportabouts are rare as pubic hair on a cheerleader, and the pre-bumper examples even scarcer. There was a time a few years back I was actively looking for one, and nothing turned up anywhere for three years. If I weren't already pushing one project car out of the way to work on another I might jump on this. It's close enough, and I'd bet you'll never find a better one. Best of all, it'd be driveable until you decided what you wanted to do with it.

    They're nothing special mechanically, they're not built very well, the interiors are great examples of Detroit (well, Kenosha) Compact Crap. But then all that applies to the Mopar and Ford competition. The Sportabout was a little less roomy than the competition, but still useful.

    401? Twin-turbo 4-liter Jeep? Late-model 6-liter Mopar Hemi? The alternatives abound. What wheels are the vintage Trans-Am Javelins running?

    • mrkwong,
      Most of the trans-am cars were running 8-spoke Minilites back in the day, but a real set will probably set you back 2x the price of this car. The closest I've seen to getting the look right is the Vintage 48s from VintageWheelWorks or LT-III from Team 3 wheels. The V48s are cheaper but the LT-IIIs get the curve right.

      DT E-i-C.

  • that colour is very clearly 1972 "baby shit brown", very popular in its day, and a very telling indicator of the quality of any vehicle painted in that particular shade…..

  • I can't remember the last time I saw one running. Dad bought a Sportabout wagon new in '76, same 258 engine, I think the factory brown had grown a bit darker between '72 and '76. I was four and thought it was great because the back seat was a helluva lot roomier than the Beetle that preceded it. It exited stage left when it kept on overheating on highway drives pulling a 1,500lb pop-up camper. I'm more nolstagic than most, but I think this is the only car from personal history that I wouldn't try to buy back.

    • No, the ANC refers to the airport code for Anchorage. But your comment has made me realize that I have seen an unexpected number of AMC Eagles since I arrived here a couple of years ago. Once they're up here, no one is paying to send them back down anywhere else, I guess!

  • Buy! BUY! Buy! Don't be a conformist, go with with little guy. Forget GM, Ford and Chrysler! Rare, yes, valuable, well… not really, BUT that makes it even better!! Slap that KMart surf board on the roof and be the envy of the unknowing masses. The 70's are back, baby!

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