• I'm leaning towards the Wagoneer after seeing this on The Longroof Society on FB:



  • Holy crap, where have I been? Since when is a Jeep Grand Wagoneer worth more than scrap value?

    I blame hipsters. These things are everywhere in Silverlake.

    • Personally I think a pre-smog Wagoneer with a modern drivetrain and interior reboot would be a great all-around family truckster for someone who appreciates older machinery. Sorta like the ICON "Derelicts" that are floating around the show circuit and offered for multiple hundred thousand $, but much cheaper.

    • Weird, I just realized that I wrote up an identical green-on-green '73 Wagoneer as a seller submission from Ian at Jewel or Jalopy. The one in CO was originally from OR as well, but I spy a different license plate number.

      "Any resemblance to previous Wagoneers, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

      1973 Wagoneer from August 2013

    • blink comparator says: different car – note front bumper thingies, bigger wing mirrors, and, IIANM, no antenna on this one

    • Don't get me wrong, ever since the last few episodes of Dawson's Creek where they took a cross country road trip in one (you can have my man card now) I've been pretty interested in them too. There's one locally with an '02 Denali AWD chassis under a ratty Wagoneer body but its far from complete (and I think he's parting it out now after months of being unsold via CL). I think someone had a similar idea (modern underpinnings). My only issues with them are that they're usually very, very abused, only come with a slush-o-matic from what I've seen, and 11mpg gets real old real quick. Plus, the market for these things has exploded as of late… check this one out. $26k!?

  • Not sure where you are from RyanM, but on the East Coast the Grand Wagoneer, especially the wood sided ones like you posted, are indicative of wealth. Not rich, but old money-my-family-came-on-the-Mayflower wealth. Pull up behind a Maybach at the Four Seasons in a Wagoneer and the valets will rush to you without a second glance at the Maybach.

    • I'm out on the left coast. Los Angeles. Thats a line I hear oft repeated by each crop of east-coast transplants, but up until now I hadn't thought it actually caught on. Methinks one could make a decent business buying up nice looking, rust free but won't pass CA smog Grand Wagoneers and shipping them to New England for resale.

    • Indeed one could. There's already an outfit called Wagonmaster in Texas doing just that. Look at the Grand Wagoneers marked Sold, and the locations they sold to…New England and Europe.


    • Holy crack pipe. These were not well built vehicles, not particularly reliable, and weren't very good at what they did. Underpowered, terrible fuel economy, ride like crap, leak everything, can't tow much, rust like an early 70's American car, and handle like a Conestoga wagon. Which is precisely why I like them, because they're the anti-Los Angeles. Big, bloated, polluting, huge, in your face, middle finger to every Prius on the road.

      Still, $40-$50k is insanity. But hey, I guess they're worth whatever someone will pay for them.

  • I like my cars like I like my women–Big and boxy with lots of junk in the trunk.

    But seriously, great write up. I'm holding out for a Volvo 240 wagon with a V-8 or an International Travelall.

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