• Meh, nothing a $300 one-way plane ticket and 48 hours straight driving can't solve. What's $300 and 2 days on the endless awesomeness of a 6 speed V8 Volvo wagon? Heck you might even be able to negotiate the cost of a plane ticket and 2 days lost wages into the buying price.

    • Doc, I admire your dedication to your work. Your willingness to drop everything when you get the call saying they need you back at work; you'll have the car that can get you there in a hurry. You're dedication as a parent, wanting to make sure your kids are never late to soccer again. I'm humbled sir, you are a decent, selfless man!

  • This is super cool, I should have saved a little more of my tax return just for this kind of thing to pop up. I could even slap a 3rd row in that one to bring kids AND friends to the autox's with me!

  • Dings, of course, could be missing since the underhood shot shares the lovely golden beige that the beast originally wore.

    Tips the hat at the correct call out for the Out Run/Crusin' USA seats.

  • Well, I don't know if he sold it or what. My email barrage has gone unanswered… I was really looking forward to taking the kids to basketball as opposed to soccer as well as making house calls the heck of a lot more entertaining… Wait a second, never mind. I don't do those.

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