• This looks like a sure bet. Between the cleanliness of the post-conversion center console trim, the overgrown lawn, and the concrete driveway that has almost returned to a gravel state, I can tell that this is an owner who takes great pride in their work. 10/10

  • If we were still doing song matches, that propane bottle photo would make me suggest "Come on baby, light my fire". That would be a suitable ending to this beast.

    But wait, in addition to the Humvee and Rover-zilla, the guy also has a Corvair under the car port. I think we need an intervention to save the Corvair before this guy fires up the cutting torches again.

  • Probably the best thing to do with older Rovers. As parts fall off, modify, weld, rig, and spray with rhino liner. Much too difficult to keep these in perfect shape.

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