• I would install a low-profile pop-up camper, as the no tailgate thing makes the rear end tough to use. I bet the A/C in this thing would cool the cab down in a big hurry since the volume of the interior is halved.

  • lESSEEEE……got nothing to do today so I guess I'll take my metal saw out and chop the assend of my Camry off……..Coming honey……..

  • I never have understood why people who go to the trouble of building an ElCamino tribute never seem to make a functioning rear gate. Yes, I get that it needs some serious metalworking skills, but still…

    OTOH this one looks pretty clean and well proportioned. The roof styling actually works here. At 3600.00 it isn't stupid high priced, either.

  • The rear window structure looks like it may come from an early 80's Toyota pickup. I like Mr. Liss's idea with a camper shell this thing would be more use able.

  • If you had the camper shell idea pre-sawzall it might have come out entirely differently, more like a Nissan Pulsar.

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