• I Loe this van! 3 things:

    1 – wrong coast

    2 – needs a pop top

    3 – If you were going to pick the lamest engine in Ford history, 1978 Fairmont wins! Why not a 240 Big Six, or at least a pre-smog 200 from a Mustang? The Dagenham 4-speed has a rep for being weak, so if you're going to rebuild it, why not pair it with a worthy rebuilt engine?

    • By '78 they were wearing catalysts and the typical Ford engine compartment was so plastered with vacuum hoses running all over the place that you'd have a hard time finding the engine, but the basic 200 was no worse in detail design than any of the earlier 7-main-bearing engines. They all had a good bottom end and they all had a cast-in intake manifold with runners about the size of your urethra.

      If you want to make any HP you either (a) mill off that manifold (b) chuck it in the waste bin and come up with one of the Australian heads or (c) turbocharge it. You still won't make big numbers, but you can do respectably well. And the last Fairmont sixes have the starter moved and enough of an SBF bellhousing pattern to bolt up a T5.

      Don't think the big 240 will fit in those but a 302 will do so comfortably.

  • ….50 years later…..

    Campervan of the Year 2014 – Wellhouse Ford Terrier motorhome video review

    Some of our best ideas still come from over there you know.

    • That's awesome! You ought to reach out to tips@dailyturismo.com with your story and some pics. Thanks for the follow up!

      Please tell me you don't drive it year round? I remember the one time I was in the UK for a winter the roads were worse than in New England during the same time.

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