• Ok- first things first. Apparently, the car isn't in Los Angeles. You mention Phoenix, but…. Looking at the wheels, those might be Audi, although the caps don't have the rings on them. In my scattered memories, I'm thinking a set of Ronal.

    Did we even get the Mk1 GTI? I don't think so. I know we got the Mk2. If that's the case, then this looks like a Euroed-out Rabbit. Almost nobody remembers to remove the side markers from a car where they're trying to mimic a Euro version. Of course, I could be completely wrong on this. I just don't remember the Mk1 GTI here.

  • Mk1 (A1) GTI was only 1983, 1984 in the US. This is probably just rabbit with a cabrio grill (It's the same A1 chassis till 93 or something, the grills will swap right on).

  • Looks like a Euro GTI. It was a far better car than the slow, soft, wallowing U.S. version with its cataract-inducing velour upholstery.

    This car looks very optimistically priced given its present condition. What I would really like, however, is a Mk1 with a competently done 1.8T swap. 200 bhp in a 1800 lb car, that's the kind of stats I'd love to see on some 2013 models 🙂

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