• These are brilliant little cars. Though I'm practically the president of the Anti-German Cars Club (nominated), these things absolutely rock. Just fantastic. They are not chock full of amenities, safety or sophistication as noted above, but still.

    Surely you will be torn asunder for bringing such an off topic element as movies to this vaunted discussion. All that is automotive holy has been desecrated, fouled and besmirched.

    The original 1951 film was titled, "The Thing from Another World". As noted, the 1982 remake was just "The Thing". I have a replica of Kurt Russell's hat, which I wear proudly. There was an additional remake released in 2011. It's pretty darn good, too. All three movies have been released with alternate titles.


    • The Lincoln Continental and Jeep Wrangler are the other factory convertible four-doors that come to my mind. Can you come up with any more?

    • Ahem……plus there are plenty more if you go back to the 30's and earlier.

      [img] topcarrating.com/hummer/1992-hummer-h1-convertible-2.jpg[/img]

    • True but I'm thinking 1960+, non-commercial, non-military of which a normal Joe could walk into a dealer showroom and buy one. The Humvee is a good one! What else?

    • One of these dork-y things:

      [img] visionale.net/wp-content/uploads/2011-jeep-wrangler–2.jpg[/img]

      They just look wrong to me as a 4 door.

    • And before somebody goes there, let me cut them off at the pass. This car pictured is not OEM. I've argued this one till the cows come home before; Chrysler/Dodge never made these as production models. Believe me, I checked.

      [img] i.imgur.com/HPPqCwp.jpg?1[/img]

      This (fo' do' droptops) would have made the most boring and shortest Thursday Twister ever.

  • Clever title for the post. One of my favorite movies. We all wanted our high school bands to do the same as the Oh-need-ers.


  • Funny when i did my time in the Army stationed in "K-TOWN" Germany drove all over that country the German Army used the thing as there jeep.When they came out in the US 73-74 was not really crazy about them but for some reason i wanted one a couple months back hard to find one in nice shape for under 10K. The Thing shop in the Phoenix Az area has a lot of parts for these would want a bigger motor for myself and a lot of people do this anyway.

  • My parents had an orange Thing when I was a kid. It was really a fun vehicle to drive around in. My sister and I would swing on the roll bar like monkeys. This was pre-lawyer and pre-carseats.

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