• Pulling up to Joe's Stobe Crab on South Beach in this would likely qualify as more of an event than a(nother) Gallardo doing the same. Fitting, since the roast factor makes this a dedicated nocturnal cruise-about here in SoFla. Still, cool.

  • hanks for clarifying the stobe crab mystery. I thought I was going to have to make a road trip in search of the elusive crustacean. The Vista was/is a hot box here in TX also. No amount of AC is enough to just jump in and drive off on a good ol sweltering July or August day.

  • Back when it was really, really hard to find a bad-looking GM car.

    These things were flat gorgeous, I'm trying to think of any recent real four-people-or-up car that's as attractive. Tesla Model S, E36, E38, E39 and some F10 BMWs, W220 E-class Benz, Maserati Quattroporte, not a lot else.

    • I concur entirely with these sentiments on sedans. GM had some seriously good design staff pre-malaise era. Oddly enough, I sorta dig some of the 2005+ era (the aughts…what this car ought to look like…) design direction these days, Jagslong wheelbase XJs are nice looking, as are some things from Ford, like the Fusion, Lincoln MKZ , but I haven't seen much I like from GM (can't imagine how they have been able to sell a single new Impala), Acura (what happened to the guys who made the original Integra?…oh yeah, they are imprisoned by an evil batman who styles everything like a prop from a Tim Burton movie) Toyota (even the Lexus GS is UGLY – you ain't got no albi these days), Mercedes (MB design staff, what is up with the headlights? If my MBZ doesn't have vestigial Pontoon styling in the fenders, I don't want it…I'll buy a that Korean MB impersonator instead)…etc. Others I'm missing too..

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