• A photo with the side curtains removed would be a lot more attractive. Trade the wing and goofy front bumper for a couple hundred pounds of sand in the front would make it far more attractive as well.

    • Sandbags, now that is something the stance crowd should consider instead of airbags. But you are correct, it does look ready for take off….

  • This thing is begging for a psychotic Subaru ej25 swap. The fact that it was designed back in the day by a car fanatic kid only pushes that along further.

  • Hey, I suggested this car on this page. I'm glad you picked it up and did a feature on it. The Invader is a neat kit car.

    There's another super cool car for sale here locally, though the asking price is $18,500. There are some really good video links there.

    Signed, K2 Mystery Car

    • K2 Mystery Car — I saw the link on the other page, but felt silly giving credit to anonymous for the tip! I'll update the story with your nom de guerre. FYI – you don't need to log in to create a persona on this website, simply click the reply as dropdown and select Name/URL. Put a name into the first box and leave the URL box empty. Enjoy.
      DT Editor-in-Chief

  • Here is a Sterling kit car, which I can only assume was fairly similar due to their VW origins, with an Ej25 swapped into it. Just a thought.


  • I now own this very car. It's a bit different now. I did alot of things people mentioned

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