• RyanM, don't you think this VW would make a nice car to haul around a new baby? Congratulations…!?!

    [img] i.imgur.com/HhzxGxy.png?1[/img]

    • K2, the resident German car reliability detractor, recommends one of the least reliable models to a new parent. For shame sir, for shame—this recommendation is so bad and out of character that it can only be premeditated. 😉

  • Look, pretty much any VAG product is suspect on the durability front, and the Passat can hardly be worse than a Vanagon Syncro can it?

  • The WORST engine made in the 21st century. I think I threw up a little in my mouth remembering how my 2003 A4 had a timing belt tensioner snap at 63K, sending 12 of 20 valves looking for new real estate in the soft aluminum head (interference motor). This after spending $1300 on turbo wastegate/intercooler work 1 month before. Bought pre-owned, 1 owner, 59k. Financed $13k, had a $7k repair bill staring at me. AudI sucks. I missed out on the class action litigation because they didn't have me on their owners list, despite going to a dealership for a CELL (timing related it turned out) 3 weeks before failure. Biggest Drags in customer service too…… the single worst car ownership experience I've had, and I've owned 35 cars. Never will own a vw/audi product again (except for a MKII vr6 swap )

    • I did not write this, so don't blame me. Still, I've heard just too many stories like the one above for it to be just coincidence.

      +1 for sharing, Arthur – thanks!

  • Do these really get that great of mileage? I was shopping a 98 TL and a 4 motion equipped passat. I took the TL for commuting after looking at the mileage sticker for the VW 25 or 26 hwy I think it said. Not sure which engine though.

  • I have one. All the good things in the description are true and I haven't experienced the bad. I've owned mine since 71k, now has 115k and is an awesome car. Yes, change the timing belt, yes use synthetic 5w40, yes, drive it hard. if you loaf around in it, you won't have fun and you'll probably sludge up the top end of the engine. Best mileage i got was on a 500mi road trip when I got 33 with the AC on. If 33 isn't impressive to you, remember it's AWD. I wish i could afford a second one, though I don't much like the all black interior, living in a sunny state.

  • 33 isn't bad, and I tend not to trust the sticker numbers all that much anymore. I can get into the 40's in my civic si depending on wind and the window sticker said 31 hwy. I think last time I checked the average during summer I was around 35mpg and that's not being easy on it.

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