• This is really Quattro De Mayo isn't it?
    I had a life changing experience because of meeting J Mays and Freeman Thomas. I was a young lad working at prototype source in Santa Barbara. We built promotional vehicles and prototype show cars for the industry. We helped with the TT and the new Beetle show cars. Audi/VW was in Semi Valley at the time and it was the place to be. It was really a brilliant tank of talent. I dealt with bondo and fiberglass all day, not the most glorious job. The designers would come in and I was always amazed by them. I asked them how they became who they are and they told me Pasadena Art Center. I started taking night classes after work and put together a portfolio. Never thought I was gong to get in. The rest is history I guess. Pretty thankful for those guys leading me in the right direction.

  • Back in 2004, I had an '04 TT Quattro roadster (but with the 3.2 V6) and really loved the car. Car handled like it was on rails and, although I maintained it well, drove the piss out of it and never had an issue with it. It would kill just about anything in the wet. A friend had a mildly modified A4 with the 1.8 turbo and that was a FUN car… made me wish I had the 1.8t option in the TT with some mods as well. This one makes me miss my TT.

  • Ah, from the vintage when Audi recalled all the TTs to neuter them after the Autobahn incidents where a whiff of throttle resulted in TTs traveling 130mph backward into the guardrails…

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