• Thanks for posting this project. I never thought about using a Miata front suspension on my 1800ES project. That might be the ticket instead of the Mustang II suspension. I am sure the Miata geometry is much more advanced.

    Now about this Alpine project… It looks rust free, but pricey for a project that was not thought through. The engine is way too long for this chassis and it's a boat anchor. The Miata front suspension is a great idea but you will need to follow through with setting up something equally awesome for the rear end.
    This project is really at square one and you are not gaining much in the way of POM. Now at $3500 it has value if you sell the BMW bits.

  • Well, if the BMW-Z-car was the Axis equivalent of a Sunbeam Tiger. then I guess this represents what might have happened if Germany had won the war ( Basil: Don't mention the war! ).

  • This car could be epic. I wish I had an extra $7,000 + $10,000 to finish it. And probably another $6,000 for someone to fix all the mistakes I made.

  • All I see here are a bunch of parts that are set near each other held together with a story. Worth a small fraction of the asking sadly.

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