• The advantage of gas station pictures from a buyer's perspective is it shows the car probably runs enough to at least drive down to the corner station and typically indicates that it drives well enough for the current owner to be theoretically spending more of their money to put gas in thing (rather than just mocking up the fuel hose for photos).

  • I don't have firsthand knowledge of gas stations in Colorado, but here in Ohio, if there are two fuel dispensers on the same pump, the red one is for gas and the yellow one is for diesel. In those shots, the seller looks like he's pumping his tank full of ultra low #2. Does anyone know what the color codes are for the fuels out west?
    Here its white for regular, blue for mid-grade, red for premium, and either green or yellow for diesel, plus brown for kerosine.

  • Sure, Kum & Go is a decent place to purchase gas, but when I'm in Minneapolis I prefer the Pump N Munch .

    For some reason Loaf N Jug also delights me, though I can't say exactly why.

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