• Where are the rings? The front looks like when they use a car for a print ad and try and change the appearance.

    I enjoyed owing a B5 Audi. Very nicely designed. I did not enjoy paying my Audi mechanic my whole check every week.

  • The 5-spd Quattro cars were wound out at highway speeds – 3krpm at 65mph gets really annoying. Redline limited 138mph top speed in 5th if that tells you anything (GPS confirmed, and it took almost the entire length of a runway to get there). The 160mph speedo LIES.

    Also, 200bhp in this car does not equal "quick". It certainly feels quicker, but you'll still get dusted by your neighbor's teenage kid's stock '98 Civic Si.

  • These cars tighten up very nicely if you replace all the 1000's of mounts and bushings under them. Mine, at 150 hp, never felt slow, even though I never for one second thought that it actually wasn't.

    One exciting feature on my 97 was that the brakes had a 1-2 second (or more) delay in the rain. I fixed it with later rotor backing plates and some slotted rotors.

    The aftermarket for them is truly immense, pretty much anything you want. But in the end if you take all of that plus the price of the car you could just get something that starts out much better to begin with.

    My wife is still mad at me for selling it …

    • Agreed on the cars not feeling slow, even though they might have been. The front wheel drive versions with 5-speed and 1.8T (B5 Passat or A4) hit the scales right around 3000 lbs, which isn't a bad weight — and with a Neuspeed chip, the B5 I owned for a few years felt decent. The semi-independent rear end could be tightened up with some aftermarket pieces and in the end it was a fun car for un-fun-wheel drive. I sold mine and picked up an E36 M3 2-door right around the time we had our first kid…the wife was not happy.

    • You made a better move than I did, I went from the A4 1.8t Quattro to an XJ8 battleship. She was also not happy. I did get a v6 Passat later that I liked a lot. The FWD didn't really detract from it at all.

  • That generation of Audi was attractive, nice enough to drive, and not overly complex, but a little short on rear knee room for a sedan.

    I used to say that if your back seat passengers had no legs you bought an Audi A4, and if they had no neck you bought a Ford Contour. The Audi had headroom but no legroom, the Ford had legroom but no headroom. A product of the era when Ford was apparently run by really short people.

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