• hmmm, the intake actually looks different in that video. I swear I counted intake runners and it has 8… Did Ford alter the intake manifold design over the run of the SHO or can I not count at the one I posted is a V6???

    • I think that one is the V6.



      Count the number of hose clamps on each side (minus the one that goes directly to the plenum)

  • ~ i have heard several SHO fans poo-poo the V8 while praising the Yamaha powered cars. having nly driven a small number of SHOs i can't speak with authority.

    • They're a pretty sweet setup, but they have a long history of problems with the camshaft drive gears stripping away from the cams. Apparently they're a press-fit, and once they strip at speed they get pretty expensive to repair in a hell of a hurry. The Continentals (just a very well overstuffed Taurus) also have the same problem. I had thought about swapping one of these motors into my Sable wagon to make a sleeper. There are a couple of usual fixes for the cam gear problem. Otherwise, these are supposedly a fairly reliable motor.

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