• I believe the '73 was equipped with the B20F, although I've seen references to both.

    Stainless IPD brake lines go in mine this weekend. That dang a/c will be the next focus of my efforts…although I'm seriously considering replacing with a vintage air setup as the factory system has confounded both "experts" I've brought it to.

  • It's worth noting that this has Bosch D-Jetronic electronic fuel injection, unlike the K-Jet 1974 140 series and most of the 240 series. This makes it easier to convert to something like Megasquirt to support modifications. K-Jet certainly works, but not everyone knows how to work on it…

  • Vince: thanks for posting this. It's cathartic.

    Readers: I found this while doing my daily CL Volvo search up and down the West Coast. Sent it to Vince as an internal tip before I found myself calling the seller and making another bad decision.

    By "bad decision" of course I mean "perfectly reasonable and sane purchase of $4500 1800ES." It's just the timing that's wrong for me on this one. It doesn't look like a total rust pile, claimed to be running, and it's in a good '70s color. I'd wager that there's rust in the rockers and lower quarter panels where all of these cars get eaten, so factor that into R&R costs.

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