• ~ kind of strange you've taken a liking to this coach since i have a similar motorhome moth-balled at my son's in Arizona. mine differs in that it is factory built by the step son of Wally Byum, founder of Airstream, called Revcon. the brand was extensively tested at GMC testing facility and is credited with inspiring the decision to build the GM in-house motorhomes. all aluminum shell except end caps, it has had an engine transplant to a 500 cube Cadillac driveline. some owners claim the lower profile yields respectable fuel consumption.

  • Scot:

    Yours looks to be sano! This one is everything that was wrong about "conventional" early 1970's America…..too much brown, requirement that you dress like Evel Knievel or Elvis in his drug fueled Vegas-Nixon clown period.

    And Walter White would certainly park his Aztec next to it!

    • ~ unfortunately mine is not that nice. that's the finest Revcon i know of, although there are a strong number of enthusiastic owners who provide support and advice through several forum boards and a tight bond of similarity with the GMC factory coaches.

    • Scot… that is a classic!! Thanks for sharing. All I could think of was Modern Day Prairie Schooner or… someone from Oscar Meyer called Oldsmobile and said they needed something more practical for their vacation.

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