• No RWD automaker anywhere in the world except Detroit has used a single-piece driveshaft in a RWD application since probably the '60s, okay maybe the '70s in short vehicles and trucks with limited top speeds.

    Go google 'driveline critical RPM'.

    Fair number of Detroit vehicles have either had severe top speed limitations (Thunderbird/Mark VIII) or exotic carbon-fiber/MMC driveshafts (late Camarobirds, the few Crown Vic P71s Ford sold with 3.55 gears), but even Mustangs now have two-piece shafts so they can have real top speeds.


  • Oh, and yeah: this is one of the prettiest big Detroit shapes ever, and I'd love to have one in some dark blue with gloss a foot deep.

    Flatting something like this is just tacky.

  • Oh, and as far as Kaley Cuoco goes – if I remember the story correctly, her parents bought her boobs for her eighteenth birthday.

    This is one of those things as a sentient male parent of a daughter approaching that age, requires reconciling our response to Ms Cuoco's physique with our reaction to the possibility that our darling little girl might request something like that and force us to lock her up in a very tall tower for a very long time.

  • I had a 69 with a 472. No problem finding hop up parts for that. Wonder why he didnt go that route. 500 either. Also disagree with you on the matte. I think it improves every car. Always wanted a primer black ferrari.

  • I have to agree on the flat paint fad. It used to be the refuge of someone who just was not very good with a spray gun.

    I was at a race track last week, and was looking at a brand new BMW something-or-other-M-whatever in flat blue. It just seemed unfinished. And a buddy what works for a Mercedes dealer tells me that it is impossible to repair any paint damage (even just a scratch). They wound up having to completely repaint a Mercedes-Black-Edition-something-AMG-whatever (no relation to the aforementioned BMW) after a minor showroom incident.

  • Ad states it is all original, but it is a cool all original cause it has an engine swap..
    Speaking of "flat". this 60 looks good in a carbon fiber wrap…

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