• fun little relic, sans aucun doute – but what's the rôle? where would you feel comfortable driving or even parking such a macaron à la pistache among the crushing 275/55R20 yukons and titans? small town sunny sunday morning maybe – zut, that might almost be enough

  • If I remember correctly, this was the exact same type of car Lt. Columbo drove for many years on his eponymous '70s TV series. He even continued to drive it in the TV movies in the '90s – he just loved that ride.

  • I notice that it has an original non-resident Paris registration (that red plate, ending in "75"). That might mean that this car was purchased new and used in Europe, by an ex-pat.

    Oh, and good news: I can pretty much guarantee that there are no petrified calipers on this car. In fact, no calipers at all. Four-wheel drums, in the classic tradition!

    • Also, not a bad price for a sorted, well-running rust free car (if the ads is true!). These are comfortable cruisers, and can hold their own in the slow lane of modern traffic. You will be the only one at your local cruise night.

  • Kaibeezy, you beat me to this one. I submitted it, too, but was obviously too late. I always thought the 403 was a handsome car, the 404 not so much. I later owned a 604 and a 505 Turbo wagon. Loved 'em both. I think I'd like a bit more power. Nice color.

  • If it's as described, it's a pretty good deal. If I were in the mood I'd check it out. Hey, is that a white 125 Special behind the 403?

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