• ~ the winning bid was $5,800 before seller and buyer came to an impasse when listed previously. i'm of the opinion it is well worth that sort of price given the scarcity of SAAB 96 examples this nice. these were a favorite of my brother, Dean.

  • Scot- I totally agree. This is a last year 2-stroke and its an appropriately Saab color combo for anyone looking for a ring-ding-ding-ding-dinging freewheeler. With it being in FL,the last straw may have been transportation costs. There's a deal to be struck for someone on the east coast.

  • I've always wondered if your average small-engine mechanic could work on one of these. Can it be much more exotic than a large 2-stroke dirt-bike engine?

  • Greetings: I submitted this during the 50 car anniversaryathon.I live the next town over and have seen this car on the road once -a few months ago.
    Willing to view if needed.
    70 Volvo 1800e,72ES, 83 GLT Turbo

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