• These coupes shared their rear suspensions with the 760 wagons, which meant Nivomat (self-leveling) shocks. Looks not so much that the nose is high but that the tail is draggin.' A pair of new Nivomats are close to $1000, and if those 176k miles were done around the seller's New York, there'll probably be other suspension issues you'll need to deal with.

  • I have a 1991 "Coupe". 91k on the clock; Red Block w/turbo+, IRS w/ locker and sheet metal made from unobtainium. Nivos can be had for a lot less w/due diligence. B280F is a true POS. Good luck finding a competent tech. Looks like a decent parts car for about $1500.00

  • $7500 for a V6 780 with over 170k on the clock and $1k worth of suspension work needed. Last 780 I bought was a B230FT with 70k miles for $2000 about 5 years ago. Last I checked, these things aren't appreciating yet.

    • I agree re: the dash and door cards… there's really nothing good about those materials. Even as far as 80's cars are concerned, there's no excuse for a $20k+ car (in 1987) to look worse inside than a Yugo.

      Seats however… made an office chair out of one from my ice racer and it was the most comfortable (and heavy) I ever had. The Swedes know how to make comfortable seats.

  • Andy – we have actually featured two of these in the past.

    My favorite was this 5-spd manual swapped one in Modesto. I should have bought it.


  • A lot of automakers rode into the box canyon of Le Corbusier (or perhaps, in Volvo's case, Lego) school of interior design in the '80s.

    The Brits got there in the '70s, the Aston Lagonda, the Range Rover and SD1/3500 come to mind, but for some reason others thought it worth emulating. The FWD '80s GM intermediates were by far the worst, but it even damaged vehicles as varied as the MR2 and the Lotus Carlton/Omega.

    Volvo and some elements of GM (notably the trucks) kept at it into the '90s. Still, nowhere near as bad as these late-model weirdball Asian things with bits of dash scattered all over like the Civic.

  • I got my nivomats for my 91 780 for $600 Canadian. I believe they are all made by the same German manufacturer. Also, I am not sure but I do not think the B280 models had IRS. But the 87 had a live axle for sure. The bad selling point is the engine, it is a dog!!

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