• Hey, not so fast Mr. Hunsbloger. That red ball on the antenna may be your only chance of locating this beige Anonymous-mobile in the parking at the Outlet Mega Mall. Would you want to be responsible for a large family roaming lost in the retail wilderness at this time of year? Please, think before you post.

    • Are you kidding? Among the seas of Honda Odysseys and Ford Explorers and masses of tedious Korean/Japanese sedans built somewhere outside the UAW Gyre with a full complement of rusty Mexican Takata airbags, this thing stands out like a lighthouse.

    • It seems like on the west coast they stand out like a sore thumb… I live and work in Los Angeles, I swear I haven't seen one of these things in years. However every time I visit family in New England and Northwest Arkansas I'm practically tripping over them. Must be a regional thing.

  • The '96-97 cars were, in terms of materials and assembly, probably some of the best cars Ford's built since the Lincoln Mark II. When it fell flat in the market Ford started thrifting the things like a bunch of Asian women going through the 25-cent corn bin at Safeway. Thinner carpets, cutting down on primer in some areas, I'm not sure if you could even get rear discs anymore by 2000. Ford fixed the ugly and put some rear headroom back in the sedans in 2000 but by then Ford had given up on the car and the Taurus name.

    • Rear discs were not standard but appear on most of the Duratec equipped cars. Same with the side curtain airbags. With leather seat (tops), this is probably the SEL model and likely to have both.

      Double check also for "latch" equipment for car seats. They all had them by '03 but an '00 may not have it. The '00-05 also got rid of the ridiculous radio and dash arrangement, but this keeps the funky armrest becomes where the lower part flips forward to become the cupholder.

      We've had them with traction control, seat heaters, sunroofs but they've all been reliable. Only issue I've experienced is the coolant sensor in the bottom of the reservoir can become corroded and trip the low coolant warning light.

    • This is also key to a long happy life with the various '90s and '00s BMWs, Audis, Jaguars, etc. that use ZF slushdevices with the supposed 'lifetime fill' Esso LT71141 fluid.

  • "bunch of Asian women going through the 25-cent corn bin at Safeway."

    DT worthy!

    My late unsainted Mother had one of these…. though a pre '98…..thats all I need to know about these. Boat anchors

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