1. rottenland
    February 6, 2015 @ 11:27 pm

    I've never searchtempt searched grandpa before. that was fun.

    I actually found grandpa's car. He kept it mint, and it's pretty awesome. Sadly, there are no engine shots of the big block 7.5L V8 though: 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

    • Gianni
      February 7, 2015 @ 4:40 pm

      Cool find. Just like Frank Cannon used to drive.

  2. JimmyinTEXAS
    February 7, 2015 @ 3:22 pm

    Great find rottenland…

  3. Gianni
    February 7, 2015 @ 4:39 pm

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  4. sean scott
    February 7, 2015 @ 6:32 pm

    This is a clean example and looks pretty nice. It is just hard to get past the more-door. The 2 door is a near perfect proportioned car.

    In my early 20s a friend of mine had a 66 hardtop with a Brodix built 383 it was stinking fast. At the time I had a ram air III 400 in a 68 Fbird. We were always going at it. We finally settled the score at Pomona. I beat him by a car length. We still argue about who's car was faster.

    • mrkwong
      February 7, 2015 @ 7:15 pm

      Sorry, but I'm a moredoor kind of guy. This thing is gorgeous.

  5. Paul Wells
    February 9, 2015 @ 3:55 am

    I keep thinking of some little kid in a carseat saying "Daddy make the tire smoke come into the car again!"

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