• Oh you have got to be bloody kidding me. I've never seen one of these IN MY LIFE and today I saw one driving west down Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica as I walked back from lunch. Plop my can down at the desk, take a nap for an hour or two, hit refresh on DT and here's another one!?

    The one I saw was white with quad-round tails (link below!). Front reminded me of a smaller Alpine, rear reminded me of an Opel GT. Whole thing looked like a Dino with Dwarfism, and sounded like a VW without the chirpy-clatter.

    2 in one day? Must be some kind of sign.

    Here's a link to the one I saw, all the way at the bottom of the page:

  • Clean looking ride. Again, It would be fun to put a crate drive train in there with about 250 ponies so it could live up to its speedy looks.

    • I'd say with that little weight, even 170hp would be more than enough. A Subaru Impreza engine would suffice. Then again, a BRZ engine could be a little more fun after all.

    • Can't wait for them to come out with the turbo'd FA engine (BRZ/FRS). Lighter than the 2l in the base Impreza, more output than the 2.5l turbo in the WRX… That would be a hoot.

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