• It's been Weber-ized unfortunately. That and it is suffering from the "I know better than the Italian engineers and designers" syndrome that Alfa's nearing the bottom of the depreciation curve seem to be cursed with.
    Source some Euro bumpers, replace the ridiculous aftermarket steering wheel un-blackout the trim and you will have a nice driver.

  • Alfas are so beautiful. So painfully good looking, they can make you actively want to forget what kind of a nightmare it's going to be to find parts in comparison to a similar era Chevy.

  • This is a very neat car for not a lot of money.

    I am beginning to think that putting rally lights on the front of cars is a good idea. Makes almost everything look cool.

  • Great handling cars. Unfortunately, the quality of the parts used in the Alfettas was not near the quality used in the earlier series GTV's and Spiders. If you need parts, there are a number of outfits in the US that supply them, quite reasonably. Of the 2 biggest, my best luck has been with the outfit in Colorado. The one in Virginia is a disaster. GLWTS!

    • There are also a couple of UK vendors that you can use as well and their prices are surprisingly reasonable, even with shipping. If price is no object and you can't find it elsewhere AFRA in Italy can probably find it, but be prepared to pay…

  • Is this a gray-market car? Were the fours even available here by '79? I don't recall.

    In any case – yeah, these were pretty, and usefully sized, but I'm not really up for trying to keep one running.

  • The weber conversion makes it a non starter here in CO with our strict emissions standards. I generally like these cars and have a 105 GTV and a S3 spider. I don't have a particularly hard time sourcing parts, nor is it that difficult to maintain them. A few years later and this car would have had Bosch L Jetronic FI which is simple to maintain.

  • Empty weight 2300 lbs would be for 1600 cc Euro spec. North American spec 2000 cc is listed at 2660 lbs in Joe Bensen's Alfa Romeo Buyer's Guide.

    Peter N

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