• Oh gawd, this must have been the beginning of the dreaded "voitures sans permis" (cars without licenses) in France.

    Basically, you are allowed to operate these 50cc rolling death-traps in a village, town or city, without going to the trouble of getting one of those pesky driver's licenses. In fact, you can even drive one of these things if your regular license has been suspended.

    If it sounds like a recipe for mayhem, it surely is. When I am driving over there, I give these things a VERY wide berth. And remember that I usually am driving a Citroen 2CV!

    Despite what the ad says, there is no relation to the SmartCar. Personally, I would not give you $4.50 for this thing, never mind $4500.

  • Well, it DOES have more character than a Smart, though I don't think it'll do 130kph on the autoroute as the Smart will (have never driven one, have never seen one driven at that speed over here, but I've passed them at that speed over there…)

    It has a stunning resemblance to the Vanguard CitiCar, which was not much more than a few slabs of ABS plastic wrapped around a beefed up electric golf cart IIRC.

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