• Appreciate you saving me the time by finding the links to the photos and video (even though the video only offers up engine at idle and modest throttle blips). Sure beats the typical "find this …., on offer from….said to be…." coverage it might have (or soon will) receive elsewhere. Coffee, cars and English tudoring all in one website! (you guys aren't the only ones who know their way a good malatropism..which is the best malapropism of all!)

  • Nice digging, DT. The best match I found was Lotus Capulet clutch purses . I tried, but I could not come up with a clever joke tying this car to a lady's purse.

    The car falls into the "want it but what would I do with it" category. That motor almost sounded like it had a supercharger when it was fired up in the video. But you know the seller would have mentioned THAT if it was the case.

  • I've seen this car around town several times. Not sure what Capulet means, but the previous owner or a friend of his has the same sticker on the windshield of his S2000. It's either a tuning company with no online presence or some club/clique.

    • Oh my….. possibly just a little too much information in some areas of their website.

      (But the car still looks like something of a bargain at current bids, if it is properly sorted.)

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