• Not that this particular brand of tea was in danger of filling my cup, the sleeper always excites and intrigues me to almost/just about/very nearly hitting the digits. That is, until reading that the AC is non-op. That is the very definition of a deal breaker in SoFla. SoSad for me.

  • I was walking along a quiet road a couple of summers ago when I heard off in the distance a mighty mean sounding 4-cylinder. When the car swept by me, it turned out to be a fully customized Daewoo Lanos 3-door that was clearly set up for racing (or to have the appearance that it might possibly). I should have taken a picture of it. White with huge wheel flares, it was much wilder than the one pictured below.

    [img] tuningpedia.org/uploads/pages/2009/02/02/Msf_09_daewoo_lanos_2.jpg[/img]

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