• I'm flying into Kansas City shortly (for a four-day road trip/barbecue pilgrimage with a good friend), and I had been toying with the idea of picking up something cool or ironic or bad-ass in KC for the road trip from there… kind of like an automotive Russian Roulette… but this ride is not what I had in mind! The engine in the bed would keep the leftovers warm, however.

  • Perry here. "Oldsmobile 455 from who knows what" I knows what. It's a Toronado engine & the Turbo 400 Automatic front-drive tranny found in the Toro's & the Caddy Eldorados.

    Yes, the flames suck ass. When you have someting as interesting as this you don't need no flames. Besides, what's burning? The radiator?

    So lose the fire & your desire to carry plywood then enjoy the beast.

  • I always though that putting a Olds Toronado power train in the back of a 59 El Camino would be fun. Maybe dress the engine up with a blower and straight up pipes like a 1960s drag boat.

    1970 Olds Toronados had 500 foot pounds of torque , so that would be a quarter imperial ton of torque , not sure what the Imperial to metric ass ton conversion is but it would be reliable scary fun.

    • Thank you for answering the question I had about how the power got turned and to the rear wheels. The blower and straight pipes idea is fantastic. If it is the front clip from a Toronado, I think some rear wheel steer would really sell the drift car or boat concept.

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