• I've never owned a Mercury, but there was a bit more to them than badge engineering. While they were built on the Ford platform, they offered style and (relative) exclusivity. In a small town, you'd see the latest Ford everywhere, but rarely the latest Mercury. And which Ford offered Breezeway windows? It was also possible to get certain option combinations on the Mercury that weren't available on the Ford. In the 50s and 60s, Fords were "cheap" cars, while the Mercury was a step up. Mostly marketing? Yes, but isn't that mostly what the automobile industry is about?

  • The only flaw, and a small one at that, in your analysis is that there was greater model differentiation in the earlier years. Think a '47 Mercury which had a higher fancier trim level than a Ford….or the early sixties Comets. This espece de merde is just another example of the seventies nadir of the American auto business……..with a slushbox to boot

  • This thing is trying hard to be sharp and not making it. Colors are good but the front is so crooked it looks like the car about to sneeze, the air cleaner stickers are on wrong (seems like they are supposed to go on the vertical curve of the 'pie plate'), the modern wheels look out of place, and single exhaust is not very "GT".

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