• ~ At something closer to $5k I would consider this a steal. Drop it off w/ Earl Scheib and then drive the snot out of it!!!

    [img] i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/5mkAAOxyTMhSAYjo/$(KGrHqZ,!ogFHwGnmTRLBS!YjoTCRQ~~60_35.JPG[/img]

  • if I where to jump on this I think the first thing I'd do is sell the "power steering axel" and the hydro boost setup. There are kits avaliable to adapt the porsche steering to the ls engine pump. As for the brakes the stock setup should haul it down without drama, if not there are all sorts of porsche stock upgrades that will work and be much easier than cramming the hydro boost setup in that engine bay. As for the rest of the car I think id just clean (cut and polish) the paint and dye the seats back too black and find a better looking steering wheel. Drive the snot out of it…. I do think its priced about 3k to high as it sits.

    • Yeah, first you have to decide whether for comparable money 944 LS1 swap > C5 Z06 (or C5 coupe + upgrades, or maybe just a C6).

      Loved the 944 back in the day, still a beautiful car to look at and a clean one's a nice place to sit, but…lot of effort to make something like this work to OE standards.

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