• Cool car and I've always thought the modern Saabs are good looking cars, but what about reliability? Will it be any worse than anything else from the General?

    • The place in Santa Monica where I have the major services done on my Volvo (stupid HOA in my 'hood doesn't allow me to wrench in my driveway) had 2 come in on one day with a broken "whatever controls the door locks" (but not the trunk) module. Both resulted in lockouts and the only way to access the cabin was through the boot and folding down the rear seats… primarily because the owners didn't realize there's a metal key hidden inside their "transponder" fob thing.

      Also to note: the 2.8l turbo V6 isn't regarded as Saab's finest hour as far as powertrain longevity is concerned.

      Were I in the market for a Saab made after the Classic 900 era, my choices would be either the 98-2002 Viggen or any 9-5 Aero wagon with a manual gearbox, in that order.

    • I read somewhere that Spyker found the money and is gearing up to restart SAAB production. Not holding my breath, but the thought is pleasing.

    • It's already started again, but Spyker is out and NEVS (a Chinese owned concern) is in. They say that for now, new SAABs will only be available in Sweden and China.

    • The turbo V6 is powerful, but poor on fuel economy, esp. with the XWD models. I was not aware they also had reliability problems. A few 9-3 Sportcombis with 2.0T, XWD and 6-speed left the factory but these are hard to find.

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