• That is terrific. A slightly quirky mongrel of a collectors car that would have them coming to blows at an All British Car Day. And not a bad price, either. Two thumbs up.

  • There's a kit that relocates the distributor to that side on Fiat 124's, here's a link showing the installation.

    Coolant routing is far different than a 124, though. No tee on the front of the head.

  • What a shame the seller couldn't be bothered to post more photos of this interesting automobile, oh well.


  • Good article! Very useful! Just wondering, does the lacquer spray last more than a couple of days after first being used (i.e. for other jobs maybe weeks or months later)? The reason I'm asking
    uk car exporter

  • Hmm, why a Lancia swap except to be different? The Ford "Cologne" 60º V6 is not much larger and infinitely easier to source parts( and 125 hp stock in 2.3 version).
    I do like the swing pedal upgrade & discs.

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