• I have two questions; how much for the strategically placed Little Mermaid book and did you learn bare wrestling in the local bathhouses?

    Good luck on the sale of your car, Kaibeezy! I hope your Roadmasterblaster finds a really good home.

    [img] i.imgur.com/BuT3QKL.jpg?1[/img]

  • KBZ – do the little tiny rear vent windows open via power actuators?

    If so, that's pretty cool. I've never noticed that on these cars prior to gazing at your pics.

    Sad to see it go, I'm sure, but hopefully another DTer will carry on its story in fine Roadmasterly tradition.

    • Yeah, and there's an overdrive mod for those that makes them oscillate at high speed when the car is sitting and getting too warm inside, moves the air around… no there isn't. Manual operation. Actually, kid operated. They open them, I don't notice, then it rains. And they "operate" the light switches back there too, leave the lights on, then late at night when I am in my PJ's up in the tower gazing down at the starlight reflecting off the gleaming Roadmaster skydome 50 feet below…

  • Did you know that you can legally film action shots from the jump seat while driving with the tailgate open? I think DriveTV or somebody else on you tube did some video where they took their film car (caprice wagon) to the local drag strip and gave er hell.

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