• Jesus,
      If you select Name/URL in the "reply as" box, your name will not appear as anonymous and you don't even need to register/log in.
      One more thing, I have a birthday present for you but I don't have your home address, can you please send it to me and I will have someone deliver it.
      King Herod

  • Praise cheeses, it's a stick! Would make an OK belated Xmakah present for — well, it sure is challenging to think of who would want this — but who mostly drives around a warm small town or island. Freeway no way.

    • Isn't Great Britain a big island? Maybe one of the chaps from Top Gear would rock it? Or Jay Leno, most weekends, he just mostly cruises around Pasadena waiting from someone from TMZ to take his picture…#amiright?

  • Laugh out loud irony: of all the badass/cool/fun/obscure/ridiculousness y'all post here, it's the goddamn yellow Metro that gets the fastest comment stream count?

    It might be the moonshine taking, but dats sum funny ass sheet…

  • It would appear that this car has at least a driver's side airbag.

    Also, I don't know about the LSi, but the XFi from that vintage would get 55 mpg highway. I know this because my dad worked at a Chevy/Geo dealer back then. No ICE today even comes close.

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