• The manual transmission+RWD+straight 6 = win in my book. I mean, I'm not going to start cross-shopping 80's Cressidas' with 240/260z cars, but I like what the current owner has done with the car… now if they could only figure out how to put the correct sized tires on correctly sized widened steel wheels, I'd want it even more.

    I'm a fan of widened steel wheels on pretty much anything. To me they're the anti-form, anti-bling, utilitarian. My 2001 Cherokee wears steel wheels from the mid 80's, my 745t rally wannabe wears 15" steelies (with beauty rings and Volvo center caps), my 1988 4Runner SR5 wears stock white-painted steelies from the base model DLX, and my former FJ Cruiser was optioned with a 6 spd and steel wheels. Never have to worry about anyone stealing them, dinging them on the trail, cleaning them is a snap, and I think they look great.

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