• I agree you get a lot for your $ with these. I drove a E21 daily for years and it was fun. However I'm not a fan of the style of the E30. Too me it's very bland and the rear tail lights could be off a Toyota Camry. It is a low point in BMW styling, the E21 is prettier. However I think the Mk1 GTI (which I own currently) is even more fun for the $ and is even cooler looking.

  • I like the new "Obfuscate" filter they used on the original CL ad.

    Unlike TGM, I think these represent the pinnacle of 3 series design (and low point in BMW styling??? Have you seen a 2003 745Li?), even though thiws example is a little heavy-handed with the add-on (way too big) front spoiler and iX side skirts.

  • Slightly off topic, but I've got a question for the BMW fanatics here on DT. Which drives better and is less expensive to maintain – a 2002 325xi wagon or a 2000 X5 4.4i?

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