• fiberfab banshee
    only 12 of these exist
    59 austin

    has a nice rumble
    289 power plant
    plenty of power

    needs some love does run
    guy that owns car never drove
    i went through the brakes

    car would be bad ass
    once done it would be very cool
    gull wing doors work well

  • This one tweaks me a bit, fascinating, the whole Fiberfab history is kinda interesting, those wheels alone are worth some money…

  • First, Kudos to DT for another inspired post. I like the twisted path your mind travels sometimes!

    Now, to the car. Heck, I did not remember this Fiberfab, but I LIKE it. The body lines and dimensions are attractive from pretty much every angle. Since I remember more than one Austin Healey with a SBF conversion, there is no reason that this thing could not be a load of fun.

    The ratty interior is the biggest turn off for me. I have never tackled a "redecoration" project like that one.

  • The body lines on this thing combined with the price make it something painful to turn away from. I've seen a Fiberfab only once in my life and the build quality reminded me of one of those red Dixie cups, but without the stability. Still, a modern engine, transmission or electric set up and this thing would be an absolute stunner. Who cares if it doesn't have the pedigree if it's prettier and runs how you like it?

  • I was about 10 years old when I took this picture with my first camera—a Diana F.
    Taken in 1965 at my neighbors house—who was good buds with the founder of Hawaiian Tropic in Daytona Beach.
    This one was on a Triumph tr-3 chassis.
    Volvo 1800

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