• Lets see……….I'll black out the windows, install a T handle shift, some side pipes and a 305, jack up the rear end and put some oversized tires on my……………..Vega. Huh?

    • There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of these done in the late '70s.

      The sidepipes and Centerline aluminum wheels are very 'period'.

  • I don't think so. The 'Monza' wagon was a Vega and I don't believe they ever put the V8 in that at the factory.

    California Monzas (the real ones) got 350s 'cause the 305 wasn't California-smog certified.

    V8 Vega swaps with the old iron warhead SBC aren't particularly appealing, and the '74-up big-bumper Vegas were just ugly.

    Now, a nicely restored '70-73 Vega with the later torque-arm rear suspension swapped in and any one of half a dozen later GM engines, sure. The Vega was a very pretty shape, still cheap inside but better than the Pinto or many Japanese of the day, had a much better than average chassis, some would argue they were built to rust out in two years but then so was almost everything out of Detroit back then.

    I can see a Northstar, a late Buick 3.8, a 60-degree 3.4, an LNF 2.0 turbo Ecotec, a late Saab B234T with the Ecotec bell, hell even an aluminum LS-motor.

    But the 'traditional' V8 Vega was, for me, an idea that came and went with the '70s.

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