• Kinda preferred the Matador Barcelona Coupe as the craziest of the AMC line and also featured in the same movie as a flying car. These little Sportabouts were actually a pretty nice sized wagon. My wife had one as her college car for hauling stuff between house/school.

  • My folks bought one of these new. Kinda hoped if one ever found its way to eBay or CList that it would get featured on here (so thanks DT guys for doing this one). I don't remember a lot about these, other than that the 232 was a dog and would overheat when pulling our (small) pop-up trailer on camping trips. As it happens my parents are visiting and I showed them the listing, the conversation just went something like this:

    Dad: "How much do they want for it?"

    Me: "Three grand."

    Mom: "Three grand? It couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding!"

    Me: "That's not the price for its performance, it's for the nostalgia factor."

    Mom: "That's nostalgia I don't need."

  • Do the Vacuum Wipers still suck 40 years later?
    or like a fine wine and my wife ,
    do the IMPROVE WITH AGE ?
    I dream of a Pacer Woody in Forest Green

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